This opportunity to share my art through the World Wide Web is beyond anything I ever expected. I’ve gone through life constantly being surprised. These surprises are usually in the form of a newly discovered bit of knowledge or the discovery of a rare photographic treasure. I have been dealing with and collecting 19th & 20th century photographs for thirty-five years. Many of the images I have dealt with are published and many are in major Institutional collections.

My biggest surprise came recently when my son, Joe, said “I’ll build you a site Dad.” I’m amazed at what Joe and his partner James Elliott did for me and I dedicate this site to them. Their enthusiasm and encouragement will never be forgotten.

My Sculptured Sunrays are just that, manipulated beams of sunlight, the natural spectrum. As first impressions go they are often thought to be digitally generated on a computer but no, these are not digital images. Nor are my images digitally printed, they are photographic prints from a unique photographic negative. They are and should be treated as any fine work of art, thatís why I insist on using only the finest matting materials.

I hope you enjoy what you see on this site and also hope you are cheered by this series of Sculptured Sunrays. They are made of sunlight you know, sunlight that is all around us flashing by at 186,300 miles per second.

I have been experimenting with Sculptured Sunrays since the mid 1990s after being introduced to the magic of moving light by my friend, Aaron Rose.

» Joe Buberger

American Photographic Historical Society
Photographic Historical Society of New England

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